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"Blame it on Texas..."

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Name:Dr. Zachary Parsons
Birthdate:Mar 27
Location:Brooklyn Heights, New York, United States of America
Website:- dreamlikenewyork

Dr Zachary Wyatt Parsons was born and bred in Austin, Texas to six generations of Parsons males and their very Southern upbringings. It was Zac's father who broke the mould, falling in love with an Australian on a trip Down Under during college and the rest was history. Zac is the youngest of two sons born to Cal and Charmaine Parsons, though he is their only surviving child. Zac's older brother by only one year, Brendan, was killed on the frontline in Afghanistan during the war whilst Brendan was away at college at Columbia University in New York City. Zac was born into money with his father owning and running a huge horse ranch that has been in his family for generations. Zac hates horses. He fell off one when he was eleven and never got back on since. He admires the family business from afar and loves the ranch lifestyle, but had ambitions that spanned well beyond that. His mother is a paramedic, and that was where his curiosity about medicine sparked.

Zac and Brendan couldn't have been more different if they tried. Zac was a laid back Texan, a lot like his father, with a very dry sarcastic sense of humour and a low tolerance threshold for idiots. Brendan was quiet, sweet and had a huge heart, which was why it was a surprise for the family when he told them he wanted to join the Airforce like his grandfather on their mother's side had been in Australia. If they had to pick careers for their sons, Cal and Charmaine would have pegged Brendan as the potential doctor and Zac headed for military, but they supported both wholeheartedly. Another unusual thing for Texas, to say the least, was that both boys ended up coming out as gay. It was tough and both copped a lot of homophobic harassment. Thankfully, their father was a huge and hardass looking guy who was known locally to own a lot of guns and an protective attitude of his kids that meant he wouldn't hesitate in using them - or his fists - to protect them.

Brendan went off to enlist when Zac was in his final year of high school, and a year later, Zac moved to New York where his grades nailed him an offer to Ivy League, Columbia in New York City. Brendan took to military like a duck to water, and hardened up a lot. During training, he had met and fallen in love with fellow recruit, Cole Carrington, but the relationship was very hushed. Zac was one of only two other people who knew about it, the other being Brendan's best friend since childhood, Ben Marcus. Brendan and Cole, along with Ben who enlisted with Brendan, all ended up on the same squadron, and they were all on the same flight the day Brendan lost his life. Cole and his co-pilot, Brendan, had their plane grounded when they flew into a dangerzone. They had no choice but to ground, but when they did, they landed right in a field of land mines. That was the least of their worries, though. Brendan made the terrible mistake of trying to get out of the plane in a stupid panic, and just when Brendan had been getting out, he was gunned down some Afghani soldiers laying in wait for them to land. Cole watched the only person he had ever loved be shot to pieces just meters away from him. After witnessing that, Cole and Ben have never been the same since.

Zac got news of Brendan's death when his folks flew from Texas to New York to tell him in person. He was right in the middle of med school and he was absolutely crushed. Getting that knock on the door one day to tell them Brendan was dead was always his parents' biggest fear, and it came to an awful reality. Zac veered very close to drowning his sorrows in the bottom of vodka bottles, but his dad sat him down one night and gave him a harsh yet necessary dose of tough love and told him to pull himself together, because it would be a giant 'fuck you' to Brendan's memory if he let his own life slip away into oblivion because of it. It was true. Brendan would have been devastated if he took away Zac's dream to become a doctor. He picked himself up and threw himself into his studies, and graduated with Honours and walked right into a Residency in Neurology, where he is now a specialist in Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

Zac still lives in New York and works at Mount Sinai Hospital where he has struck up a recent friendship with fellow neurologist, Evan Turner. He is still a laid back Texan with a dry sarcastic humour and hasn't lost any of his thick Southern drawl. He lives alone in a small loft apartment in Brooklyn Heights and is single, even classifying himself as "not looking" because dating just seems like too much of a headache to him. He has had a couple of casual things here and there, but no spark ever came to want him to pursue it further. He struggles every year on the anniversary of Brendan's death, and rather than trying to stop it in anyway, he uses that time to mourn the loss of his brother. He isn't sure he will ever truly cease grieving him but with his dad's tough love, he knows he can't let it tear away everything that makes his life worth living like the vicious cycle Cole and Ben have ended up in.

Blame it on Texas
Don't blame it on me
I am who I am
And that's what I'm gonna be

"blame it on texas" by mark chesnutt

Zac is for the musebox/PSL, dreamlikenewyork

DISCLAIMER: Zachary is an original character and has no fandom affiliation. His backstory is the work of his mun. No copyright infringement intended. His PB is Shane West, who belongs to himself. His sole universe is [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

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